My first podcast!

We have a command center that gives us access to how the  brain interprets our feelings.  It’s called “the body.”  When you bring your awareness fully into your body, you are at the controls.

Welcome back!  Things look different around here.  That’s because the folks who host my website discontinued their blog services, so I moved over to WordPress.  I plan to bring back all the previous posts over time – probably not until after summer though!  I have been busy running through the sprinkler with the girls and collecting seashells, oh, and also reaching out with my message in some exciting new ways.

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to do an interview with Ari Meisel of  In the interview, we talk about depression, and how healing can occur when we create better feeling states via the body.  We also discuss gratitude, learning, nutrition, parenting, and even how to get to Sesame Street!

Ari is a parent,  yogi, Ironman, and productivity expert.  He wrote the book “Less Doing, More Living” and has also given a Ted Talk about his amazing journey in healing from Chron’s Disease.  Ari has had many exciting guests on his show, and I am honored to have had this opportunity!

During the first half-hour of the podcast, Ari talks with his co-host Felix Bird about methods and tools to improve productivity, health and wellbeing.  If you want to jump right to the interview with me, it is around 31 minutes into the podcast.  But you might find some useful information in the whole show if you have the time.

Enjoy.  And please share your comments or questions!