About Me

shannon-beltz-mayhewI have always been fascinated by how people learn.  I’ve worked as an education researcher for Sesame Street and a freelance writer for The Learning Channel.  And after getting my master’s degree in education from Harvard University, I worked as a cognitive scientist for a little over a decade.

There I got to develop new methods of teaching and learning, to help people who struggle with learning disabilities. I created language learning devices and software to help children who learn better using movement and their senses, rather than learning from mainly reading text or listening to a lesson given by a teacher.

While I was working in cognitive science research, I also became a yoga instructor.  For a long time, I saw these two passions of mine as separate worlds.  But eventually, the disciplines of yoga and my research came together for me in some very exciting ways.

Now I’ve been combining wisdom from yoga with neuroscience research, to develop methods that help people to live their lives fully, by being fully present. I lead workshops and retreats on yoga, emotional intelligence, creativity and presence at yoga studios, retreat centers, schools, camps, and corporations.

I have produced yoga curricula for special populations, and am currently writing a series of lyrical children’s books that celebrate the magical way that nature calls us into presence.

I find that both writing and yoga are practices that hold my attention in the present moment. So for me they are doorways, opening to the healing and joy that are available in every now, when I practice. Welcome to my doorstep. I’m happy you’re here!

Shannon Dancer Tree S2