Jean Houston Meditation, and New YouTube Channel!

Happy New Year! snow angel

I have obviously been away from the blog for a while.  I’ve been busy making snow angels, oh, and recording meditations!

I have set up a “Presence and Prose” YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting new meditations that folks can use to de-stress, energize, go to sleep, manage strong emotions, set boundaries, and many other things that are easier done when you access the subconscious mind.

While language works well for our rational, conscious mind, the subconscious mind communicates in images and emotions.  When we use imagery and metaphor in meditation, we have better access to our brain’s “operating system” and have greater leverage in changing things like habits and emotional patterns.  (For more information on this immense and fascinating topic, see “The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind — How it Works and How to Use It”; “You Are the Placebo” by Joe Dispenza; or “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves” by Sharon Begley.)

The first meditation I’ve recorded is a wonderful tool for relaxation, but it is also a powerful method for soothing and shifting your energy when you feel overwhelmed.  By “pouring blessings into the hollow spaces” via this exercise, you can reconnect with your source of power and joy.

I am a big fan of Jean Houston, who is a brilliant scholar, author, co-founder of the “human potential movement,” and advisor to the United Nations (to name a few of her roles).  When I came across her exercise entitled “Entering the Heart of Reality,” I was so moved by reading it that I reached out to her to ask her permission to record it and share it here on my blog.  And to my great delight, I was given permission to do just that!

Jean created this exercise as part of a new training program she is offering called “Unlock Your Quantum Powers.” The course is offered through Evolving Wisdom, and you can learn more about it here:  Every time I listen to an interview or lecture by Jean Houston, my mind stretches so much, it’s almost disorienting.  And amazingly refreshing and empowering.  Her class is bound to be amazing.

OK.  Enough with the words and the reading. I will post the meditation below, but feel free to subscribe to the Presence and Prose YouTube channel also so you can know when I’ve posted more videos.