A Moment

The golden sun on my girl’s face as she leans back on the swing — she wants butterflies in her belly.


Her smile, open-mouthed, shining with joy. “Swing with me, Mommy! Ready?” She was teaching me how to pump my legs, to go higher, faster, like her. “Watch me do this!” She twisted the chains around and around, until they were wound tightly. Then, letting go, she whirled around in a dizzying tornado of laughter and light.

“Try this, Mommy! Help me twist! Watch,” she called, ever waking me, teaching me, pulling me out of my head, and into this precious place, called here, now.


I wrote this at my last “Creative Yoga/Happy Hour” workshop at Opus Yoga.   It was that day last week, you know, that day that felt like spring.  I was inspired by this picture that I took, and by this moment, and by this seven-year-old teacher who calls me into presence.

If you’d like to join me for some inspiration, yoga, creating and socializing with like-minded folks, the next workshop is Friday, April 4th, 7-8:30 pm.  You can register through Opus Yoga, or you can just “swing” on in.