Write with me!

Happy Friday!

Let’s play a game. I will post a picture and the first sentence to a fictional story to go along with it.

You help me develop the story by adding a sentence, or up to a paragraph, in the comments for this post. I will string them together along the way and see what we can come up with. Anyone can play! I’ll post the full story on Monday.

Just like the car game, “add-a-line,” only, don’t play this one while driving, please!

Here we go:

“Lulu entered our world under unique circumstances.  ….

12 thoughts on “Write with me!”

  1. It wasn’t just the abandoned farmhouse; we had planned for that, tracing and retracing the route on Meredith’s faded maps. No, it was the…

  2. …it was the place that was linked to the farm-house. The place you can only get to by using the maps they don’t print. The maps with no roads…

  3. And thus the ancient trading routes were used in the maps. Trading routes were used often on the planet they called Earth. General Meredith often encountered them on her missions, and this was the reason she created the maps.

  4. Lulu had never been to the planet called Earth. Until that day. That day when she soared through the cobalt blue sky, over the crystal Caribbean waters, and landed in the arms of my brother.

    To him, she looked like a little girl. He had no way of knowing that she was an ancient one and a spy from the planet called Chompes (pronounced “shahmps”). And this ancient one was on her way to completing THE trading mission of her very, very long life. That is, unless General Meredith intervened.

  5. Now this ancient peddler, after heavy investments and cornering the market, needs to convince all the travelers throughout the galaxy, that “A towel is just about the most massively useful thing any interstellar Hitchhiker can carry”. All this water should help her little scheme. Now if she can only avoid General Meredith and get the containers from that sly inventor, Shannon.

  6. Oh Shannon….the thought of this inventor sent chills down her spine, as beads of sweat dripped from her brow.

  7. Yes, that Shannon — famed inventor of the blockbuster bubble-suit for dogs and the ubiquitous “Sunbrella.” And of course, the towel, which was, admittedly, slower to catch on.

  8. But Lulu knew she could get those containers somehow. The containers filled with the amazing ingredients to make this wonderful towel. The ingredients to make THE towel. The towel of all towels. The one that if gets touched by a small swimming pool, it could absorb all the water inside.

  9. Lulu knew she must find not just any Shannon, but that Shannon. More importantly, she needed to find that Shannon’s gang of bubble-suited Rastafarian dogs for in the dreads of dogs, lies the key to opening the containers. Only after finding the key, and avoiding General Meredith, could she continue on her quest to make THE towel which is so badly needed by ….

  10. … the inhabitants of her home planet, Chompes. You see, General Meredith had a secret: she was half-mermaid, and could control the element of Water. She was planning to set a flood on the kind people of Chompes, and destroy their homes and loved ones. Only with the magnificent towel could the flood be stopped. Lulu knew little of General Meredith’s plan; but she knew enough to know that the towel was all that could save her, as had been told to her from an oracle by the name of Squeakyfoot.

  11. Wise old Squeakyfoot has not been seen for decades but her wisdom has been known through the ages. While no one knows for sure how the Penguin Sage lost her foot, many tell the tales of her long sunset walks, her taste for fine caviar and the hours she spent rubbing The Shannon’s belly whimsically talking about the future. Squeakyfoot sees all and Lulu knew that she either needed to dig deeper and find more meaning in Squeakyfoot’s last words or fine the mystic legend before General Meredith could implement her sinister plan. Lulu would start by …

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